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World Soccer Fixtures And Results

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world soccer fixtures and results

FIFA World Cup Live Match Schedule/Fixtures & Time/FIFA World Cup Highlights (Brazil 2014) 

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world soccer fixtures and results

world soccer fixtures and results

world soccer fixtures and results
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10 Responses to World Soccer Fixtures And Results

  1. ezeowo

    How do i get australian soccer results weekly?
    League Fixtures and Results for pools forecasting and hot tips

  2. The Gannet

    Can someone briefly explain how football (soccer) leagues work?
    I mean sometimes there is Barclays Premiere League, and there are also teams like Barcelona and Valencia, but do the teams in Barclays ever play teams like Barcelona? Also where can I find detailed schedules for these matches?


      Most countries have a league where only teams from that country will play

      The English Premier League is based in England
      La Liga is the Spanish League based in Spain
      Bundesliga is the German League based in Germany
      Serie A is the Italian League based in Italy

      There are many other leagues but these are the main four, how a league works is each team will play against another team twice, home (at their stadium) and away (at the other teams stadium). Each league has 20 teams so there will be 38 games played. For every win a team earns 3 points, for a draw 1 point and none of a loss. Which ever team earns to most points at the end of the season will be crowned champions.

      There are competitions where teams from other leagues play each other. The main one is the Champions League (formerly known as the European Cup) Top teams (usually 1st-4th) from all the European leagues in the world will compete (Manchester United lost to Barcelona in the last Champions League final)

      Then there is the Europa League (formerly known as the UEFA Cup) This is wear teams usually 5th-7th will play

      You can find fixtures/results on the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Champions League and Europa League websites

  3. hidawallace

    Can anyone suggest a few good sports(soccer) websites for keeping up to date with all the news and?
    the latest news, aswell as all the fixtures and results and league tables of all the leagues in world football, mainly the european one tho.

    thanks in advance

  4. Nadine

    I’m a new football/soccer fan. How do I keep up?
    I know there is the Euro Championship league in 2012 to look forward to.. I know there is confederations cup.. African cup..

    What else? I want to see the matches with clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, …etc. when can I see those matches?


    • Evergrey

      You are looking for the English Premier League.
      I am not sure whether they show the games in the U.S maybe on ESPN? You can stream them live on the Internet if you find them.
      You also get the Champions League which is the top teams in England (Arsenal, Man-u, Chelsea and Tottenham), Spain (Barcelona, Real Madrid), Italy (Inter Milan) and others all in one big tournament for the trophy, just like the World Cup there are group stages and then there are rounds and then you get the final.
      You also get other Cups in England like the F.A Cup and the Carling Cup which again has the top teams in but also the lower league teams which makes it interesting as a league 2 team can beat a Premier League Team on a good day. lol

      The English season starts on the 15th August, some matches include Arsenal v Liverpool (nice game to kick the season off with lol) and Man United v Newcastle United.
      Again if you go on you will get all the fixtures and results and if you type the game into Google or whatever you might be able to stream it live (that’s if it is not on U.S TV)
      Here is the Sky Sports link:

  5. Shelby

    What world cup soccer team died in a plane crash on their way to the finals?

    • Cristi@n

      The Munich air disaster occurred on February 6, 1958, when Flight BE609, a British European Airways “Elizabethan” class Airspeed Ambassador charter aircraft G-ALZU ‘Lord Burghley’, carrying players and backroom staff of Manchester United F.C., plus a number of journalists and supporters, crashed in a blizzard on its third attempt to take off from Munich-Riem airport.

      Twenty-three of the 43 passengers on board the aircraft died in the disaster.

      The European Cup had been contested since 1955, although no English club took part in the very first tournament on account of Football League rules. Manchester United entered the 1956-57 tournament and reached the semi-finals, being knocked out by eventual winners Real Madrid; they were thus one of the favourites for the 1957-58 tournament. Domestic league matches were played on Saturdays and European matches were played in midweek, so although air travel was risky at the time, it was the only practical choice if United were to fulfil their league fixtures.Their team was known as the Busby Babes, a reference to their manager Matt Busby and to the average age of the players, which was unusually young.

      The club had chartered an aeroplane to fly them home from their European Cup match against the Yugoslavian team Red Star Belgrade, which ended in a 3-3 draw (United won the tie 5-4 on aggregate). The take off from Belgrade was delayed for an hour as the United player Johnny Berry had lost his passport, then the plane made a scheduled stop in Munich to refuel.

      Seven of Manchester United’s players died immediately, and Duncan Edwards died from his injuries on 21 February. Two other players had to retire because of their injuries. Matt Busby was seriously injured and had to stay in hospital for some time after the crash, and was read his last rites twice. There was speculation that the club would fold, but a threadbare United team completed the 1957-1958 season, with United’s coach Jimmy Murphy standing in as manager. A team largely made up of reserves and youth team players beat Sheffield Wednesday 3–1 in the first match after the disaster. Poignantly, the programme for that match showed simply a blank space where each United player’s name should have been.

      Although the team’s league results were poor they reached the final of the F.A. Cup, losing 2–0 to Bolton Wanderers. Busby resumed managerial duties the following season and eventually built a second generation of Busby Babes, including George Best, that went on to win the European Cup a decade after the disaster in 1968, beating Benfica. Crash survivors Bobby Charlton and Bill Foulkes were two of the other players who lined up in that team.

      In 1993 Zambian national football team die in an air crash. The team traveled to Senegal to play a qualifiying match against Senegal for the 1994 FIFA World Cup departing from Lusaka, the Zambian capital. The plane owned of the Zambian army minutes after take off from the airport of Libreville, Gabon to fill oil crash over the gabonese coast.

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