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Customer Service Training Courses For The 2010 South Africa Soccer World Cup

Customer service representatives around South Africa are starting to prepare for the fast approaching 2010 Soccer World Cup. Many experts say that preparing front line employees with the correct knowledge package is absolutely essential to creating a long lasting and powerful impression to the coming visitors and tourists. In order to accomplish this target all the skills of front line employees need to be homed to perfection and a whole new knowledge package needs to be introduced, in order for the employees to be able to correctly present all the information required.

Hosting a Soccer World Cup is a big responsibility for South Africa from all stand points. For this reason a number of training providers from South Africa have taken on the task to train customer relations and frontline employees for the upcoming international event. These companies have launched employee development courses and classes that are designed to teach world class service skills and also a powerful knowledge base related to the 2010 Soccer World Cup to all customer relations employees that will need to be on top of the game and serve correct and coherent information to anyone interested.

All the customer relation companies and organizations in South Africa are strongly advised to employ the service of companies offering customer service training courses, in order to prepare their employees for all questions that their employees might be asked by tourists and visitors, thus creating a professional service that exudes excellence.

Here is a list of companies and public services that are strongly advised to employ the use of customer service training courses for the upcoming 2010 Soccer World Cup. Call centre employees are on the front line along with airport personnel, restaurant personnel, hotel personnel, game volunteers, ticketing office employees, and all other individuals that work in a front line environment and are dealing with visitors and tourists face to face.

There is more than one component to the customer service training companies that are specialized in offering these types of courses to front line employees. The first and most important component is the 2010 Soccer World Cup knowledge base. This information package is designed to equip all learnerswith the knowledge in all matters concerning soccer and the Soccer World Cup. The best part of this component is that is easy to learn and can be taught to individuals from any background, regardless of culture, level and age. The second component to a 2010 Soccer World Cup customer service training course is the tourism knowledge pack. This informative course will equip learners with the ability to recognize various accents and to be able to perfect their pronunciation, along with being able to offer valuable directions and help to tourists in their efforts to find car rental companies, accommodations, past times, restaurants, clubs, and so on.

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South Africa's finest talent (street soccer) 

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south africa soccer

south africa soccer

south africa soccer
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4 Responses to South Africa Soccer

  1. Shona B

    What are some schools or orphanages in South Africa we can donate soccer equipment to?
    My friends and I are going to South Africa next year for the world cup and are bringing a bunch of soccer stuff with us. We just need to find somewhere to donate it to.

    Any ideas?

    • Crazydude

      A local sports channel, Supersport runs a program for donating sports goods to underprivileged children. It’s part of their ‘Let’s play’ campaign. You can donate the sporting goods at a clothing store called Mr Price, they are one of the partners to the program.

  2. Jason

    Where can I get the South Africa home soccer jersey?
    Where can i buy the home jersey of the South African National soccer team?
    edit- and fox sports doesnt have it
    edit- doesnt have it, ebay is all fake

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