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Origin of Slime Soccer

Slime Soccer is a simple and funny Java based soccer game. The game is actually very dull and not interactive as other type online games. However, the game has its own charm to attract us to play it. One may get addicted to the game.

Hundred of thousand of people are play this game up to today since it humble beginning in 2002. Several reasons this game are still played by so many people up to today.

1) People are too bored and have nothing to do at their free time. They just want to past their time with this game.
2) People looking for alternative to release tension. Many of us are too occupied ith study and works and feel very tense coping with all this at the same time. So, some might choose to release teir tension by playing this game.

About the author: Daniel is a soccer fan and loves everything which are related to the game, including soccer game. Slime Soccer Game is a site dedicated to Slime Soccer, a simple and funny yet addictive game. Also features latest soccer news and matches updates.

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latest soccer news

latest soccer news

latest soccer news
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    What are the latest soccer transfer news and the new signning?

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