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My site soccer laduma was created for the fans of the biggest game in the world, go ahead check it out

soccer ladumaSoccer is by far the biggest sport in South Africa. With the majority of the country being soccer mad, it's no wonder there is fierce competition. Obviously your a soccer fan, that's why you are here. On my site you will absolutely everything you need (or even don't need) about soccer.

Are you a youth coach or struggling to get your side to perform? Here's some great advice

I’m sure that when you have finished reading this you are going to be equipped with secrets to effectively coach youth soccer. And then it’s soccer laduma


Coaching kids about soccer is no rocket science but yes, it requires skill, knowledge, and a whole lot of patience. Here are some well-known tactics and if you apply them sincerely, you team will come out as a match winner. Soccer Laduma


Motivate them to learn: Guide your players to make choices on their own and if they make wrong choices, don’t hassle let go. Through this exercise, you are encouraging the kids to be more creative and more importantly, have fun. Soccer laduma


Give every team a name: Make small teams from among the players for easy management. It's also a good idea to name the teams for developing a feeling of closeness. Soccer Laduma


Evaluate failures and success: Create the standards against which performance will be measured to coach youth soccer. Some rules to understand this are whether the kids are enjoying the sessions or not. Are the kids enjoying soccer and playing as a team? Are the players learning the basic skill of passing, dribbling, and dealing with the ball? Soccer Laduma


Give incentives: These keep the kids interested and even the advanced players, for that matter. However, the rewards shouldn’t be huge. Like one extra half hour's break for the winning team or letting them to leave early. Avoid giving rewards for individual performance. Reward the entire team's efforts. Soccer laduma


Managing poor performance: It's important in teaching soccer to manage an individual's poor performance affecting the whole team. For example, confront the player who comes late regularly for sessions. Have him perform a simple act as punishment to make the others aware of such mistakes. Soccer Laduma


Similarly, parents who tend to interfere in the team's activities should also be handled like this.  As a coach, be responsible to make decisions for the team. Yet, parent's participation is also necessary to a certain level. Soccer laduma


Become the leader: Because you are seen as a mentor, it is likely that everything you do will be replicated by your players. Be fair and courteous to your colleagues, opposite team, and fellow team members. Get to the sports ground for practice sessions before to the players. Never criticize the referee or the players when in a match. Soccer Laduma


The day you start using these tips to coach youth soccer , is the day your team will achieve great success in no time, in both training sessions and real matches.

Take some time to take a look around and if you cant find what you are looking for, simply use the search bar at the top right to find it. Soccer Laduma

Enjoy, thanks for stopping by and enjoy the biggest and most fantastic sport played in the world today.


Soccer Laduma.


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